Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back in Business!

Hi all! It has been a long time since I decided to close my rabbitry for business, but things round the house and family life are finally settling down ( knock on wood)! My kids and my wife have been asking for more animals around the house and I decided that since I have mostly everything I need to start rabbits again that we all give rabbits a go again! 

I am usually a die hard New Zealand White breaded but the kids have been asking my for more colorful rabbits. So I have in an actually not some mixes! Don't get me wrong, I still have my trusted purebred New Zealand Whites, but I now have Californian/Flemish, New Zealand/Flemish, and some mixes and I don't even know what they, but the kids liked them because the have pretty coloring which they actually do.

hope to have some PURE New Zealand Whites up for sale within the next couple of months! Keep an eye on my "Rabbits For Sale" and "Rabbitry News" tabs for more updates and availability.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I just found out that my "Contact Us" page had a glitch and was not sending the inquires to me, so I wasn't receiving you emails about wanting rabbits. It is back up and working now and I will try to reply to the inquiries that I already have. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Hello everyone! I am excited that we are finally able to start selling our rabbits. As you can read on the 'About TAS Rabbits' page, I was raised with rabbits and had quite a few of them at one point and now I get to raise rabbits with my kids and teach them about the value of rabbits and raising rabbits. I started the rabbitry for the ability to eat hormone free meat that is lean and healthy for you. Upon raising rabbits, I was confronted by people at work, church and around town that were interested in purchasing rabbits from me for meat and pet purposes. So with the new demand I will try to keep up with the supply.

As I said before, our rabbitry is fairly new and a work in progress. I am expanding the cages as the number of my rabbits expand. I have decided to make this blog so that I can keep people up to date on kits being born and kits up for sale. I will make a facebook page at a later date and inform you when that page is up and going.

I have decided NOT to accept deposits for reservations for future kits. Instead, we have decided to make a sort of waiting list for people that are wanting a rabbit(s) and it will be on a first come first serve basis. I have decided against deposits because mother nature seems to do her own. It is possible that I might start excepting deposits in the near future once my rabbitry gets more bigger.

Once again, I am excited to bring meat rabbits to the Flagstaff area and I hope to see you soon when you come to purchase a rabbit!

TAS Rabbits

Something Amazing has Happened......

One of my favorite breeder Does has miraculously become pregnant! I noticed her becoming larger and larger in the abdomen area and so last night I palpated her and to my surprise I felt BABIES. This is surprising to me because I haven't breed her to my buck at all in that last few week or even months! My kids and I have named her Knoch because she has always had a tiny knoch in her ear, but now I think that we are going to rename her Mary because as far as I knew she was a virgin! I'm thinking that one of my youngins put her in the bucks cage by accident one day, but no one is confessing! It is sort of a nice surprise because I tried to breed her a couple of times last fall but she didn't take so I thought that she was just going to be a bad breeder. I guess not!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hello Everyone! Please excuse the constant changes to the blog while we are in the construction phase.

Our rabbitry is quickly growing and we will have some New Zealand Whites up for sale shortly. Stay tuned for more info!